Statement From Senate Republican Leader John J. Flanagan

If you needed any more evidence that one-party Democrat rule in Albany is a recipe for billions of dollars in new and burdensome taxes, Governor Cuomo reinforced it recently when he announced that the state will require millions of drivers to buy new license plates starting next year.

This is a regurgitation of the same, uninspired idea that Governor David Paterson proposed a decade ago, one that failed thanks to strong opposition from County Clerks and Republicans in the state Legislature. It’s also the latest example of Albany’s nickel-and-diming of hardworking middle-class taxpayers.

Add this to the $4.6 Billion in taxes and fees imposed in this year’s budget by the Governor and the all-Democrat Legislature, and it all adds up to a death by a thousand cuts. New taxes on internet purchases and grocery bags. A new commuter tax. The elimination of the much-needed property tax rebate checks. And, now $25-$45 a pop for every vehicle New York families put on the road.

Enough is enough. It’s time to stop spending other people’s money so we can give New Yorkers the tax relief they need and deserve.