Statement from Senate Democratic Leader John L. Sampson Regarding the Decision by Senator Tom Duane to Retire from the State Senate

John L. Sampson

June 04, 2012

“I want to congratulate my friend and colleague Tom Duane upon his announced retirement.  It has been a profound honor to serve with Tom Duane over the past 14 years, because he has never backed down from a fight, and his efforts have made New York a better place.

"Tom Duane has been a persistent and consistent advocate for those New Yorkers whose voices aren’t usually heard in the halls of government.  All of our past and current colleagues owe Tom a tremendous debt of gratitude for his hard work and leadership in the struggle for true equal rights for all New Yorkers.   Whether it was standing up for tenants’ rights and affordable housing, or fighting for a women’s right to choose, or ensuring equal rights for all, Tom Duane has been on the front lines of every meaningful progressive struggle over the past three decades, and I am confident his advocacy will continue undimmed in the years to come.”