John W. Mannion

June 09, 2022

Mannion passes bills to attract computer chip manufacturing and high tech jobs to Central NY, strengthen our schools, provide more services and supports for people with disabilities, enhance public safety, protect the environment, and support the economic

ALBANY, NY – Senator John W. Mannion today highlighted the 47 bills which passed the Senate and 29 two house bills, 25 bills of which he’s passed since the state budget was enacted in April. Senator Mannion’s legislative record includes bills that will attract computer chip manufacturing and create high-tech upstate jobs, strengthen our schools, provide more services and supports for people with disabilities, enhance public safety, protect the environment, and support the economic vitality and quality of life in Central New York. 


Senator John W. Mannion (SD-50) said, “I was elected to make sure the people and businesses of the 50th Senate District - and the regional priorities for all of Central New York - had a fierce advocate in Albany. I’m proud to be the loudest voice in the room on behalf of Central New York and my legislative record reflects my dedication to the needs of my constituents and to the place I’ve lived my entire life. My bills will create jobs and support high-tech manufacturing, make our community safer, begin to tackle the problem of upstate flooding, invest in teachers and schools, and provide unprecedented support for our family, friends, and neighbors with disabilities. I will continue my work to fortify staffing levels at local Boards of Elections, expand access to broadband, and provide toll relief for commuters impacted by the reconstruction of I-81.”


Senator Mannion was the prime sponsor (prime co-sponsor on Green Chips) on the following bills that passed the New York State Senate:


Economic Development

  • Green Chips legislation is a major state initiative to attract advanced computer chip manufacturing companies to the Upstate high-tech corridor, including the shovel-ready site in Clay, NY. This support for high-tech economic development is anticipated to create thousands of manufacturing and supply chain jobs over the next two decades while furthering New York State’s dominance in computer chip research and manufacturing. (S9467 Cooney/Mannion, Passed Both Houses)

  • Directs the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities to establish a voluntary training and certification program for employers that have taken the EmployAbility Pledge (S7746, Passed Both Houses)

  • Provides new employment opportunities for people with disabilities by expanding the state procurement program (S7578C, Passed Both Houses) 

  • Increases affordability and access to broadband services by limiting the burdensome regulations of surveys. (S8472B, Passed Senate Only)

  • Establishes the zero emission industrial trucks grant program to aid in the fight to lower greenhouse gas emissions. (S8760, Passed Senate Only)


Local Government 

  • Requires the Upstate Flood Mitigation Task Force to meet quarterly, assign an Executive Director and issue a report on flooding in the Cross Lake/Seneca River area by July 2023 (S8204A, Passed Both Houses) 

  • Grants a partial property tax exemption on new development within the Village of Minoa borders to encourage smart-growth within village limits where infrastructure already exists (S8268B, Passed Both Houses) 

  • Gives local governments control over participation in the Holiday Hunt (S6510, Passed Both Houses)

  • Ensures the Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, New York can continue to operate by creating an airport police authority, authorizing $100 million in additional bonding authority for a new parking deck, additional parking capacity, a CONRAC and improved roadway access, and increases job opportunities at the airport (S8956C, S9102, S8736A, All Three Passed Both Houses)

  • Establishes minimum staffing levels for local board of elections to ensure the fair and timely administration of elections (S6684A, Passed Senate Only)


Special Education

  • Special education providers will now be able to retain the unused funds from the 2022-23 State Budget in the subsequent school year (S9132, Passed Both Houses)

  • Tuition and regional rate reimbursement for special education services will be approved for the 2022-23 school year with an 11% growth factor and will be re-evaluated on an annual basis afterwards (S9134, Passed Both Houses)


Health and Disabilities 

  • Empower individuals with disabilities to make their own decisions  supported decision-making for people with intellectual, developmental, cognitive and psychosocial disabilities (S7107B, Passed Both Houses) 

  • Provides educational materials to childcare providers and healthcare providers on congenital cytomegalovirus infection, a deadly virus (S6287C, Passed Both Houses)

  • Requires self advocates to be appointed members of the autism spectrum disorders advisory board (S8647, Passed Both Houses)

  • Establishes a public awareness campaign to combat the stigma and stereotyping of individuals with developmental disabilities (S6300C, Passed Both Houses)

  • Speeds up application for disability services which can often take more than 6 months for approval (S8442, Passed Senate Only)

  • Help combat the crisis of overdose and addiction by requiring public entities to maintain a stock of live-saving opioid antagonists (S8708A, Passed Senate Only)




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