Occupy Wall Street

José M. Serrano

October 13, 2011

Senator Serrano joined activists, concerned citizens, and local elected officials in the "Occupy Wall Street" protest tonight. "Occupy Wall Street" has  been an ongoing peaceful protest, originally based at Zucotti Park in the financial district, primarily focused on speaking out against the current social and economic inequalities between the rich and poor. It was announced by the Bloomberg administration that the park must be vacated on October 14 for cleaning.

"Freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental rights in our nation," said Senator Serrano. "We must make sure that this basic right is preserved for everyone. The 'Occupy Wall Street' protestors have an inherent right to peacefully protest as long as they do not obstruct the law."

The cleaning of the park was ultimately postponed and the protestors were successful in staying on the site.