Senator José M. Serrano Stands with the Community to Address the Recent Spike of Anti-LGBTQ Violence in New York City

José M. Serrano

June 07, 2013

(Bronx, NY) – Senator José M. Serrano stood with Bronx Borough President Ruben Díaz, other elected officials, and community members at a press conference hosted by the Bronx LGBTQ Center, to address the recent and disturbing spike in the number of incidents of anti-LGBTQ hate violence that have been committed in NYC.

“The LGBT community consists of vibrant, talented and hardworking individuals who are our neighbors, our friends, and our family members,” said Senator Serrano. "These individuals should be celebrated and respected like all members of our community. It is extremely unfortunate that violent hate crimes targeting the LGBT community still occur," continued Serrano.

In addition, the press conference was an opportunity for the Bronx LGBT Center to announce outreach initiatives that it will undertake, designed to combat the sentiment that begets such attacks, and enlist the help of local elected officials throughout the process.

“We must continue to work together-community organizations and elected officials alike- to prevent and discourage hate crimes and create a safe environment for all members of society regardless of sexual orientation,” concluded Serrano.