Senator Serrano Advocates for Raising the NYS Minimum Wage: Introduces Three Bills & Rallies in Support

José M. Serrano

February 11, 2014

(Albany, NY) - Senator Serrano advocated in support of raising the New York State minimum wage. On February 4, Serrano stood with other members of the Senate Democratic Conference for a press conference announcing the introduction of three bills relating to the New York State minimum wage. The legislation would: enable local governments to raise the minimum wage in their localities (S6516), expedite the increase of the State's minimum wage (S6518), and end the corporate tax credit for employees who pay workers the minimum wage (S6490).

"It is heartbreaking that so many New Yorkers work full-time jobs and still live well below the poverty line," said Senator Serrano. "As living expenses continue to rise, the current minimum wage is simply unsustainable. This legislative package of bills is a major step forward in our fight to ensuring living wages for New Yorkers. An increase in wages will also have an immediate economic benefit for local small businesses, as community residents will have more buying power. This is a clear win-win situation," concluded Serrano.

Serrano also participated in a press conference titled "Rise up NY," urging NYS to raise the minimum wage. Dozens of labor workers, advocates and legislators were in attendance demanding living wages for New Yorkers. The campaign intends to empower localities to match their minimum wage to their local economy.