Senator Serrano Fights for Stronger Gun Control Laws: Statement on Passage of the NY SAFE Act

José M. Serrano

January 15, 2013

(Albany, NY)-  Senator Serrano was proud to support the NY SAFE Act, which passed the New York State Senate and was signed into law by Governor Cuomo. Currently, it is the most expansive gun control legislation in the country. This comprehensive legislation contains many gun-control measures that the Senator and the Democratic Conference have long advocated for.

"I am proud to support the NY SAFE Act which will ban assault weapons, strengthen license requirements, and create a state-wide database for law enforcement to utilize," said Senator Serrano. "My colleagues and I in the Senate Democratic Conference have continually pushed for many of these measures and this is an important to step towards curbing gun violence. Many thanks to Governor Cuomo for advocating for the reform of our existing gun control laws and to Senate Democratic Conference leader Andrea-Stewart Cousins for ensuring the passage of progressive legislation that New Yorkers demand."

Senator Serrano has supported legislation that will strengthen our gun control laws and ensure weapons are kept out of the wrong hands. In addition to the measures enacted in the NY SAFE Act, Serrano supports S675, a bill that requires all handgun ammunition to be microstamped, and S1915, a bill that prohibits guns from being sold without child-proof features.