Senator Serrano Joins the Community for the Highbridge Library Fair

José M. Serrano

May 21, 2011

In celebration of the newly renovated Highbridge Library and its one year anniversary, Senator Serrano joined the community and his colleagues in government for the 2011 Highbride Health & Art Fair. The event showcased the many resources offered by the Highbridge Library and gave the community the opportunity to meet health care service providers, as well as the many young artists who continue to diversify the community.

"In just one year, the Highbridge Library has become a means for educational growth and a beacon for progress in the Highbridge community," said Senator Serrano. This event was a great way for the library to share its resources with neighborhood residents, while acquainting the public with local artists and health care opportunities."I want to thank local organizer Chauncey Young and Library Manager Margaret Fleesak for all their hard work, as well as Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson and all the participants who attended this wonderful event."