Senator Serrano Joins Council Member Gail Brewer in Town Hall Meeting

José M. Serrano

December 18, 2012

Senator Serrano participated in an Upper West Side & Clinton Town Hall Meeting today hosted by Councilmember Gail Brewer. The meeting was an opportunity for Upper West Side attendees to interact with Elected Officials and representatives of New York City agencies in an effort to increase knowledge and transparency within Government.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for me to hear from some of my new constituents as I prepare to represent the Upper West Side for the first time in January,” said Senator Serrano. "It's important to cultivate a relationship between my office and the new areas that I represent.  Hearing the concerns of residents and making sure they are aware of the services which my office provides is a great step towards doing that,” continued Serrano.

In response to one question from the crowd, Serrano reiterated his strong support for rent control and rent stabilized housing programs. "We must ensure the housing stock accurately reflects the people who live here. I am committed to fighting for, not just the continuation of our current laws, but for an expansion of rent control and stabilization programs that are essential for many of our residents. "

The Senator thanked Councilmember Brewer for her work in developing organizing the Town Hall. "Thanks to her efforts, we were able to hear about many of the issues facing the Upper West Side.  I look forward to working together with her on many more issues in the near future."