Senator Serrano Joins Fast Food Workers to Demand Better Wages

José M. Serrano

July 29, 2013

(Bronx, NY) – Senator José M. Serrano joined striking fast food workers and community members  standing in solidarity to demand that fast food corporations pay their employees better wages. Highlighting that $7.25 an hour is not nearly enough to survive on, Serrano called for a livable wage that will keep pace with inflation trends.

“A real increase in the minimum wage for workers in our state is long overdue,” said Senator Serrano. “Our current wage increase program does not grow quickly enough to keep pace with the needs of individuals and working families. Most of these hard working people are simply seeking to put food on their table and achieve the American Dream. I believe it's important for elected officials to stand up for the rights and dignity of these workers, " concluded Serrano.