Senator Serrano Joins Rally to Prevent Gun Violence

José M. Serrano

April 12, 2011

(Albany, NY)- State Senator José M. Serrano today joined New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, advocates, and nearly 150 high school students to rally for stronger gun laws to help protect our community.

This event, held at the Well in the Legislative Office Building, highlighted the importance of preventing violence in schools and called on the legislature to pass reformative bills that keep illegal guns off our streets.

"Gun violence is a disease that continues to plague our community," said Senator Serrano. "Our students should not have to live in fear of guns in their schools or on their streets. I commend all the students that came today for educating their peers and building awareness throughout their schools."

As an outspoken advocate against violence, Senator Serrano organized a Community March to End Violence in 2010. The event brought together residents, local officials, police and youth to march in protest to the rise in violent crime around East Harlem.

"The rise in gun violence is alarming. My colleagues and I must do everything possible to pass legislation that will protect our most vulnerable," said Senator Serrano.

Senator Serrano has supported legislation that will strengthen our gun laws and ensure weapons are kept out of the wrong hands. Among the pieces of legislation are S675, a bill that requires all handgun ammunition to be microstamped; and S1915, a bill that prohibits guns from being sold without child-proof features.