Senator Serrano Joins Senator Bill Perkins for Second Avenue Subway Hearing

Senators José M. Serrano, Bill Perkins, Liz Krueger and Daniel Squadron held a public hearing on the construction of the Second Avenue Subway. The legislators heard testimony from MTA Chief Jay Walder and other stakeholders such as the Second Avenue Business Association (SABA) and area residents.

The Second Avenue Subway is being constructed to provide residents and commuters with additional access to mass transit. However, this endeavor has led to numerous set-backs. Many businesses, residents, building owners and commuters have been adversely affected by the construction, which has eliminated parking, diminished sidewalks, and severely blocked access to local businesses. In addition, the scheduled dates of completion have been pushed back, and limited information has been disseminated to impacted businesses and residents. By hearing from these affected parties, and those vested with the authority to construct the subway line, this hearing examined problems associated with the construction and its delays, and what can be done to possibly mitigate those problems.

“We must take rapid and responsible action to ensure that the very people who are intended to benefit most from the Second Avenue Subway line - those who have been living and working in this community- will not continue to struggle due to the extended timeline for the completion of this project. The small businesses that have given vibrancy and character to this corridor for so many years are vital to the thriving of this passage once accessibility is improved, and we must do everything we can to guarantee that their doors stay open."