Senator Serrano Meets with the Coalition of Living Museums

José M. Serrano

February 11, 2014

(Albany, NY)- Senator Serrano met with a group from the Coalition of Living Museums (CLM). CLM  provides support to 112 organizations statewide, including the Bronx Zoo and the NY Botanical Garden. The group met with Serrano to advocate for much needed funding in support of these living museums, zoos and botanical gardens. To help make their point, the group brought with them Scooter, an Eastern Screech owl.

"As a strong supporter of our cultural institutions, I am pleased to meet with wonderful organizations like the Coalition of Living Museums," said Senator Serrano. "These living museums, zoos, and botanical gardens do so much to enrich our lives both spiritually and academically here in the State of New York. In addition, they are also a major economic engine. I will work diligently to ensure that our living museums and other cultural institutions are provided for in the State budget." 

Senator Serrano is the Ranking Member on the Senate's Committee on Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks & Recreation.