Senator Serrano Meets with the Empire State Pride Agenda to Discuss GENDA

José M. Serrano

May 08, 2012

Senator Serrano met with the Empire State Pride Agenda today in Albany to discuss The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA/S.6349) which prohibits discrimination against transgender New Yorkers when it comes to housing, employment, credit, and public accommodations, while expanding New York's hate crimes law to include crimes against transgender individuals. The group expressed their support for the legislation, in particular the need to prevent hate crimes against the transgender community.

"Transgender New Yorkers are experiencing discrimination all too often at work and in public places," said Senator Serrano, a co-sponsor of the GENDA bill. "They are being denied their basic civil rights to express themselves freely. It’s time for us all to move forward and ensure equality and justice for all New Yorkers regardless of gender identity."

As a longtime advocate of LGBT rights, Senator Serrano has supported many progressive bills in the past, including the Marriage Equality Act, which made history last year by allowing homosexual New Yorkers the right to marry. The Senator is also a co-sponsor of various other pieces of legislation that are championed by the LBGT community, such as S564 which protects the health of New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS and S5646A which provides coverage of prescription drugs and medical supplies.