Senator Serrano Meets with Members of DC37

Today in the Albany Convention Center, State Senator José M. Serrano met with members of District Council 37 who reside in his district, to discuss several issues of importance— including the need for strengthening and reforming rent regulation laws. With the potential expiration of rent regulations on June 15th, these constituents voiced their concerns and fears that thousands of tenants will be forced out of their residences.

"Particularly in this difficult economy, we must ensure strong tenant protection measures to keep housing affordable and keep families in their homes," said Senator Serrano.

The rent regulation laws are set to expire in a few weeks, and it is estimated that over 300,000 units of affordable housing will be removed from rent regulation if legislation extending these protections isn't passed and signed into law. Senator Serrano is the co-sponsor of the rent reform legislative package which would help protect New York’s most vulnerable tenants.

"The passage of pro-tenant legislation is vital to the health of our community and our economy. I look forward to working with my colleagues to do everything possible to provide proper rent regulations for New York’s tenants."

Senator Serrano is also the sponsor of S2744, which would extend the period during which provisions of various laws that regulate rental housing will remain in place, and ensures that many of the laws that protect tenants in rent controlled housing are continued beyond June. Another Serrano bill, S2341, would expand tenant protections by reducing the percentage by which rent may be increased upon vacancy. This will help keep units in the rent regulation system and thus preserve these units in the affordable housing stock.