Senator Serrano Participates in Community Budget & Legislative Forum; Identifies Issues He's Fighting For

(Upper West Side, NY) – Senator Serrano delivered a NYS budget and legislative update in a community  forum at Goddard Riverside Community Center. As part of the forum, Senator Serrano discussed the current budget process and the progressive priorities that he is fighting for, followed by a Q&A session. Also at the forum addressing concerns was State Senator Bill Perkins.

"As the Senate legislature is discussing the Executive budget in Albany, it is important that I continue to fight for the budgetary measures that will improve the lives of my constituency," said Senator Serrano. "A few of my priorities are to advocate for real campaign finance reform, restore funding to education, and increast the minimum wage. In addition, I will continue to strongly oppose environmentally hazardous procedures, such as hydrofracking. Without a complete public review process and evaluation, we cannot permit a procedure that can endanger our air, water, land and residents. Many thanks to the Goddard Riverside Community Center for inviting me to whis important community meeting," concluded Serrano.