Senator Serrano Speaks to Students at Paul Robeson MS. 203 during Career Awareness Program

José M. Serrano

October 15, 2013

(Bronx, NY) - Senator José M. Serrano spoke to students at Paul Robeson M.S. 203 about his career as an elected official. The program offered presentations on the importance of leadership, preparation, and the skills necessary to succeed in today's academic setting. Senator Serrano was a part of the program to offer some key words of advice on issues involving civics.

"I had such a great time speaking with these future leaders," said Senator Serrano. "They were so interested in learning more about government and my visit coincided with their upcoming student government elections.We had a lively discussion, with plenty of Q&A that touched on a variety of subjects. I am very proud of them, and I hope to visit again soon," concluded Serrano.