Senator Serrano Stands with Assemblymemeber Linda B. Rosenthal in Support of Her Puppy Mills Regulation Bill

José M. Serrano

November 02, 2013

(City Hall, NY) – Senator José M. Serrano stood with advocates & colleagues on the steps of City Hall in support of Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal’s bill (S3753-A/A740A) which would help regulate cruel & tortuous puppy mills. Senator Serrano maintained that puppy mills, which have a history of breeding dogs under horrendous & deplorable conditions, cause a whole host of medical problems down the road for the defenseless animals and their unsuspecting owners.

“The regulation of puppy mills is long overdue,” said Senator Serrano. “Our beloved animal friends who contribute so much to our lives, are often the most abused and mistreated. This bill will advocate for our voiceless companions by providing necessary oversight of pet dealers, crack down on deplorable practices, and help lessen the number of stray animals in New York. I am proud to support this great piece of legislation drafted by Assemblywoman Rosenthal and I urge the Governor to promptly sign it into law," concluded Serrano.