Senator Serrano Stands up for Car Wash Workers' Rights in the South Bronx

José M. Serrano

November 16, 2012

Senator Serrano participated in a press conference in support of the worker's rights of more than a dozen Sunny Day Car Wash workers in the South Bronx. The workers organized a strike after two weeks of being unpaid. After being fired for non-compliance, the former employees formed a picket line to protest non-payment of wages and mistreatment.  

"Far too often, workers in our community are exploited or treated unfairly at the workplace," said Senator Serrano. "Many of these hard working people are new immigrants seeking to put food on their table and achieve the American Dream. I believe it's important for elected officials to stand up for the rights and dignity of these workers. " 

The strike at Sunny Day Car Wash was the first as part of the WASH New York campaign, a joint effort between Make the Road NY and New York Communities for Change. The WASH New York campaign was formed to address the ongoing and growing mistreatment of employees in the car wash industry. Senator Gustavo Rivera also attended the press conference in support of the car wash workers.   

"Thanks in part to the support of community organizers and other elected officials, the car wash workers have been paid back wages and have voted to unionize," said Senator Serrano. "I will continue to fight and support the fight for worker's rights."