Senator Serrano Stands With Fast Food Workers Demanding Quick Results on Living Wages

José M. Serrano

April 03, 2014

(New York, NY)- Senator Serrano stood with New York City fast food workers on 51st Street demanding  living wages and more workplace respect. Serrano joined hundreds of fast food workers and elected officials from across the city in advocating to give localities the right to raise minimum wages in order to keep pace with the constant rise of our cost of living. 

"It is a travesty that hard working New Yorkers in the fast food industry are being fast tracked into poverty with the current minimum wage. The cost of living in New York City continues to soar, while the minimum wage doesn't even attempt to keep pace, forcing many hard-working families well below the poverty line. Fast food workers are the driving force behind a multi-billion dollar industry, yet the CEOs of these companies pay abysmal wages that force workers to rely on government assistance programs just to get by. I will continue to fight for living wages while demanding that these workers get the respect they deserve," said Senator Serrano.

Serrano is a vocal advocate for increasing fast food workers' wages. He has stood with workers in multiple press conferences demanding better wages.