Senator Serrano Stands With Tenants of 888 Grand Concourse to Demand Landlord Accountability

José M. Serrano

August 21, 2013

(Bronx, NY) - Senator José M. Serrano joined Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA), other elected officials and tenants of 888 Grand Concourse to call for repairs on the building's premises. Frustration among tenants has intensified after months of being in court and failure of the landlord to adhere to a judge’s order to correct more than 340 violations to the residential building. Senator Serrano maintained that it is time to hold landlords accountable.

“Landlords within the city are receiving an alarming rate of violations, but yet very few are being held accountable for these violations,” said Senator Serrano. “Whether it is establishing a review board to provide oversight for landlords or implementing changes to the city’s code enhancement system, no resident’s quality of life should suffer due to a landlord’s failure to act. Today I stand with the tenants of 888 Grand Concourse to call for the repairs to be made,” concluded Senator Serrano.