Senator Serrano stands with Upper West Siders to Preserve The Apthorp

José M. Serrano

November 12, 2013

(New York, NY) - State Senator José M. Serrano joined Council Member Gale Brewer and Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal at City Hall to provide testimony to prevent the addition of rooftop penthouses to The Apthorp, affectionately deemed the "Buckingham Palace of the Upper West Side." Senator Serrano spoke before the New York City Council's Landmark Preservation Commission, urging the committee to consider the historical and architectural integrity of the building, which occupies the full block between Broadway and West End Avenue and between West 78th and West 79th Streets.

"The architectural wonders that we see at The Apthorp are part of our cultural fabric, and we owe it to the community, as well as future generations to preserve them," said Senator Serrano. "The current proposal would alter the rooftop structure which will loom over the courtyard as one enters the building. Such alterations are counterintuitive to the original vision of The Apthorp's design and ignore The Apthorp's landmark designation," continued Serrano.

"In addition, the proposal has procedural defects. In particular, the 28th Amendment of the Condominium Offering Plan requires that 100% of the Unit Owners approve this change in use of the roof area, such approval has not occurred, and it is my understanding that there is not complete unanimity among owners. For the reasons stated above, I respectfully urge the Subcommittee on Landmarks to vote against the alterations of The Apthorp and help protect the cultural and architectural integrity of the Upper West Side," concluded Serrano.