Senator Serrano Visits "La Finca del Sur"

José M. Serrano

October 13, 2011

Senator Serrano visited La Finca del Sur today. La Finca del Sur is an urban farm located in the South Bronx and provides healthy foods and educational programs for the residents of the South Bronx.  La Finca is maintained through the help of members and volunteers, who either help through the physical maintenance of the farm or through obtaining more resources for the beautiful community space.  

"The South Bronx has been a food desert for way too long," said Senator Serrano. "It is very difficult to maintain an urban farm, however, the benefits can positively impact entire generations. I am grateful to La Finca del Sur for providing healthy alternatives and overall information about how to access healthy foods. I encourage everyone to stop by this farm, and enjoy everything it has to offer."