Senator Serrano Writes letter to 44th Precinct to Address Safety Concerns of Local Constituents

José M. Serrano

October 29, 2013

(Bronx, NY)- Senator José M. Serrano worked with the 44th Precinct to root out criminal activity near 157th St. in the Bronx.  Community members contacted Serrano to express concern about alarming criminal activities they claim has been taking place in the neighborhood. As a member of the legislature, Serrano was extremely limited in his ability to investigate the allegations, but he quickly wrote a letter and opened up discussions with the 44th Precinct regarding the problems. As a result, the NYPD has taken targeted action to curb the criminal activity in the neighborhood.

“Thanks to community residents coming forward, we have been able to work together with the NYPD to reduce criminal activity. I encourage my constituents to come forth and inform my office about any possible threats to their safety or quality of life. We take these concerns very seriously and convey these issues to local law enforcement, with the hope that they are able to eradicate all criminal activity. I applaud the 44th Precinct for their tireless dedication towards reducing crime and improving our community,” concluded