Serrano and Community Volunteer at Franz Sigel Park for "It's My Park Day"

Senator Serrano and his family joined members of the South Bronx community to clean Franz Sigel Park for "It’s My Park Day," sponsored by Friends of Franz Sigel and Joyce Kilmer Parks. For the fourth consecutive year, volunteers, local residents and community leaders teamed up to maintain the well-being of parks across New York City.

"I’m always excited to participate when ‘It’s My Park Day’ rolls around each year," said Senator Serrano. "Living in an urban area filled with traffic and industry makes preserving and caring for our local parks even more important. It is always a pleasure to see the community united and working toward a common goal— which in this case is beautifying our parks and improving our quality of life. I commend Project Leader Bill Casari and the Hostos Community College volunteers for making this neighborhood project possible.

Senator Serrano has played a major role in advocating for parks throughout the state to ensure they are maintained and well funded. This year, Serrano serves as Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation, and sits on the Committee for Environmental Conservation.