Serrano to Community: "Know Your Rights, Know Your Precinct"

José M. Serrano

January 26, 2010

On January 27th, Senator José M. Serrano co-hosted “Know Your Rights, Know Your Precinct,” an information session aiming to acquaint East Harlem immigrants with the resources available through the 23rd precinct. “No one’s immigration status should determine their safety,” said the Senator. “It is extremely important for immigrants everywhere to know their rights and to feel safe in the communities in which they reside.”

The event, presented by Senator Serrano, The Children’s Aid Society and the NYPD, provided valuable information on the rights of immigrants, how to report crimes,  and how the NYPD is addressing language barriers. This information session was part of the East Harlem Against Deportation campaign- an initiative spearheaded by Serrano to stop the unjust deportations taking place in New York City.

“No matter how complex the issue of immigration, I think we can all agree that every family in this city has a right to safety,” said Serrano.  “We are working so that every immigrant family can go through the process of becoming a new citizen in a healthy and secure environment.”

The Senator also welcomed immigrant families or individuals who are not comfortable with reporting crimes or abuse to the local precinct to contact his office for assistance.

Also on the panel were Chief Phillip Banks (Manhattan North), Inspector William Pla (23rd Precinct), Officer Frank Galindo (23rd Precinct), various other members of the NYPD, Maria De La Rosa from the District Attorney's office, and parents from the Head Start program.