Serrano Honorary Chairman at NYSATA Exhibit

José M. Serrano

February 25, 2010

On Tuesday, February 23rd, Senator Serrano served as Honorary Chairman at the The NYSATA Legislative Exhibit, which is co-sponsored by the New York State Alliance for the Arts in Education. Held at the Legislative Well in the Capitol Building in Albany, this student art exhibit invites students, parents and teachers from across the state to celebrate arts education with their legislators.

“Events such as this remind us that arts education should not be a privilege, but the right of each student in New York State. Statistics currently tell us that only eight percent of elementary schools and less than half of middle schools in New York City met the minimum arts education requirements established by the state," said the Senator referring to a recent report by The New York City Department of Education. 

"We don’t know to what degree these numbers extend to the rest of New York, but we must continue working tirelessly to enforce compliance.”