State Senate Adopts Resolution Declaring May as Lupus Awareness Month

Today the New York State Senate unanimously passed a Resolution  (J767/K347) requesting that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proclaim May 2011 as Lupus Awareness Month in the State of New York.  The Resolution was sponsored in the Senate by Senator Joseph A. Griffo and co-sponsored by Senator José M. Serrano.

Lupus is a chronic disease affecting the immune system, causing it to become hyperactive and attack normal tissue. 90 percent of the thousands of people diagnosed with lupus each year are women, and the illness is most prevalent among African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians.

"The 28th Senate District has some of the highest percentages of people diagnosed with lupus," said Senator Serrano. "Considering that our community already suffers from major disparities in healthcare treatment and access, it is clear that we must do everything we can to help  residents understand the importance of getting tested for the disease. Officially adopting May as Lupus Awareness Month will also help us raise awareness of the services available to those already living with lupus.”

The Resolution also passed the New York State Assembly where it was sponsored by Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson.