Statement from Sen. José M. Serrano Re: Hydraulic Fracturing

José M. Serrano

December 13, 2010

“Recently I was proud to support legislation that mandated a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, a practice that can prove dangerous to the health of many New Yorkers by contaminating our drinking water and taking its toll on our farmland, among other health and environmental concerns.

"It is disappointing that the Governor vetoed this bill, which would have suspended the issuance of all new oil and gas drilling permits, including both vertical and horizontal hydro-fracturing.

"However, the Governor’s Executive Order to place a moratorium on high volume hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling for natural gas is a positive step on the path to a healthier New York, as it effectively gives the Department of Environmental Conservation sufficient time to develop regulations to protect New Yorkers from the potential hazards associated with this type of drilling; and his acknowledgment that hydro-fracturing may indeed prove hazardous to our communities is encouraging to our cause, .

"Yet we must ensure that New York does not join states like Pennsylvania, and suffer regrettable consequences that  could be avoided by further study of this technology, and we must  close the loophole that would authorize vertical drilling to persist. While this Executive Order is in effect, we must carefully analyze the results of the studies by the DEC in order to ensure that no hydro-fracturing activities that could endanger our air, water, land, and residents are subsequently permitted, and that the families of New York State are adequately protected."



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