Statement from Senator Serrano Re: Judge Reversal of City School Closing Plan

José M. Serrano

March 26, 2010

“Today, The New York Times announced that State Supreme Court Justice Joan B. Lobis is reversing the New York City decision to close 19 schools, ruling that education officials failed to process proper paperwork.

“This is great news for our children, schools and administrators who deserve a second chance to inspire our youth and improve the education system.  While I acknowledge some of these schools were performing below an acceptable standard, we need to ensure that they are addressing the problems and not giving up on them.

“The judge’s decision has saved 8,500 students from changing schools and inconveniently forcing them to travel far from home.  It has also saved the jobs of our educators whose role ensures the overall economic, social and intellectual health and well-being of our state.  We must now double down on our efforts to raise the quality of these 19 programs.

“Education should not be a privilege, but the right of each student.   I will continue to fight for our public school system and ensure that the state provides the tools these 19 educational institutions need to stay open.”