Statement from Senator Serrano: Restoration of Funding for State Parks and Living Museums

“As Chair of the committee that oversees the State Park system and living museums, I am thrilled that Governor Paterson and the Legislature have worked out a plan that will keep our parks open in time for Memorial Day weekend, and will allow us to enjoy all that our zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums have to offer in advance of the summer season.”

“Today marks a major victory for our State Parks. Through our work with my Senate and Assembly colleagues, as well as with Governor Paterson and vocal advocates in our local communities, we sent a very strong message: More than ever, during these tough economic times, we need our parks!

“State Parks are a major generator for New York’s economy. However, had our parks been padlocked, we would have been in jeopardy of losing the significant revenue the summer season generally provides. 

“Today’s agreement is also a triumph for our zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums, which were fully restored to the same level of funding they received last year.  The many educational, recreational, and employment opportunities these living museums provide infinitely improve quality of life for our families." 

"Parks and living museums are a reflection of New York's unique sense of community, and as such, they should be available in their full splendor for all future generations to enjoy."