Senator Serrano Commends Governor Cuomo On His Executive Order Protecting Immigrants

José M. Serrano

September 16, 2017

Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order that prohibits state agencies from inquiring about individuals' immigration status, restricts sharing of information about immigration status between state and federal authorities, and prohibits state officers from using resources to apprehend individuals for civil immigration offenses.

"I applaud Governor Cuomo's Executive Order forbidding state agencies from inquiring about immigration status. Far too often, immigrants are fearful when approaching government agencies or law enforcement, concerned that their immigration status will be questioned. This fear has created a chilling effect, forcing many in our immigrant community to live in the shadows. Governor Cuomo's Executive Order will go a long way toward ensuring that our immigrant community can come forward while being protected from fear and intimidation.  

Immigrant rights are so important to the diverse communities I represent. In the State Senate, I am the sponsor of The Liberty Act (S4075A), a bill designed to protect immigrants from unjust deportation and racial profiling. It would ensure that anyone in need of vital government services would not be unnecessarily questioned by state or local agencies about their immigration status and provide a right to legal counsel for those facing deportation. I am also the sponsor of  S3063, which would mandate that state employees keep immigration status confidential and S4075A to prohibit the state from stopping, questioning or arresting a person based solely on perceived immigration status.

Governor Cuomo has a long record of supporting our immigrant community, and his new Executive Order sends a strong message to the rest of the nation that New York State is a safe place for hard working immigrants."

Read Governor Cuomo's full statement HERE