Senator Serrano Speaks at CSD3/CEC3 Legislative Breakfast

José M. Serrano

February 14, 2018

Recently, Senator Serrano attended the Community Education Council 3 and District 3 Annual Legislative Breakfast, where various leaders throughout the council and district gathered to give updates on their schools and goals for the New Year. CEC3 is one of the 32 Community Education Councils (CECs) in New York City and includes public elementary and middle schools on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Senator Serrano and other government officials were on hand to speak about the importance of quality education in New York City, and the many ways legislative representatives on both state and city levels plan to support public schools. Senator Serrano highlighted the importance of access to arts education curriculum in schools, which studies show would provide a well-rounded learning experience for all students.

“As a true believer of the educational power of the arts, I know firsthand of the transformative effect arts, culture and music education can have on a young person’s life. It is very important that as we create opportunities for academic advancement in our state, we also provide ways for students to develop artistically. Many thanks to Community Education Council 3 and District 3, for their continuous fight to provide the best education to our students.”