Statement from Senator José M. Serrano on the One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Maria

"A year ago today, Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico. In the aftermath, thousands of homes were destroyed, Puerto Rico’s power grid was severely damaged, and hundreds of Puerto Ricans left the island seeking refuge from the conditions. However, the human toll was the most devastating. Last month, the official death tally of 64 was found to be grossly inaccurate and was revised to 2,975.

"Shortly after the tragedy, I was proud to join Governor Andrew Cuomo to announce the Statewide Empire State Relief and Recovery Effort for Puerto Rico.  Through this effort, more than 4,000 pallets of supplies were collected from donation sites across the state. New York also deployed more than 1,000 workers, including hundreds of utility personnel and power experts to help restore power to the island. 

"While the response of New Yorkers has been nothing short of amazing, Puerto Rico needs an increased federal relief package of $94.4 billion for our fellow American citizens, who are still suffering from the mass destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. These funds are necessary to rebuild Puerto Rico’s infrastructure, give people access to the health services they need, and to stimulate the island’s struggling economy. I remain committed to continuing my efforts to aid our brothers and sisters who still face the everyday complications caused by Hurricane Maria. We must continue to support Puerto Rico in its time of need."