Peralta Hosts Town Hall Meeting in LeFrak City-Budget, MCI, Traffic and Community Center Discussed

Jose Peralta

June 28, 2010

Senator José Peralta hosted his the first Town Hall meeting since taking office on Friday evening in LeFrak City. Over 50 people came out to discuss community issues with the Senator including the Major Capital Improvement (MCI) project that is underway at LeFrak city, Peralta’s legislative record and the budget negations that are still underway. Residents also spoke about parking issues, the need for a Community Center and the ongoing traffic issues on 57th Street & Junction.

Peralta said “It’s great to be in the district having a conversation with my constituents. I want the residents of the 13th district to know that while we are busy in Albany ensuring that New Yorkers are given a fair and responsible budget their day to day needs and issues are still being addressed. Peralta assured the audience that he and his colleagues in the Democratic majority are “fighting for a budget that meets taxpayers’ needs, including controlling spending, creating jobs, providing property tax relief, and protecting our investment in health care and education.”

Residents were particularly concerned about Major Capital Improvement (MCI) project that is underway. Senator Peralta reiterated his commitment to standing with them and resolving the ongoing issues. He assured residents that he would meet with the owner of the complex and address these concerns.

The community also expressed the need for a community center in LeFrak City. Senator Peralta has been speaking with the Boys and Girls Club and will work with Assembly member Aubry and the City Council to try and secure a location and funding for the project.

Peralta updated the audience on some of the legislation that he has sponsored and passed as the Chair of the Consumer Protection committee including:

•Bedbug Furniture S7316B

Requiring retailers to sanitize every used mattress or bedding material transported, stored or sold in the state. The bill addresses the growing concerns regarding infestations of bedbugs by focusing on retail practices and the co-mingling of new and used bedding during transportation and storage.

•Bedbugs Rental Properties S8130

This legislation requires property owners or landlords within New York City to disclose infestation history to potential tenants prior to leasing. Bedbugs have been an increasing problem for nearly two decades after all but eradicating them in previous years. The resurgence of these pests warrants us to take action to provide New Yorkers with the option of choosing a clean environment in which to live in.

•Requiring Car Dealers To Pay Balances in a Timely Manner S 7300-A

The bill provides for better protection for consumers by requiring car dealers to pay off any prior credit or lease balance owing on a vehicle obtained in a trade in a timely manner. Before this legislation, many dealers were not paying the agreed balances which was negatively impacting consumer’s credit rating and often times resulting in legal actions against the car buyers.

•Mortgage Bill of Rights S7399

Requires mortgage lenders and brokers to provide consumer with mortgage bill of rights pamphlet which must be signed by the consumer prior to mortgage application After the mortgage foreclosure crisis, it has been brought to the States attention that residents are unaware of their rights in the mortgage lending application process. Peralta introduced this bill which would require the New York State Banking Department to create an informational pamphlet for lenders to distribute to their clients prior to originating a home loan.

•Prevents unfairly charging for paper bills S7296A

Protects consumers from the growing trend of companies attempting to charge an additional fee for receiving paper billing statements instead of electronic billing statements.

•Magazine subscription S7319A

provides increased consumer protections for magazine subscribers relating to subscription expiration notice requirements for magazines. The bill will ensure that subscribers are able to locate and read subscription expiration dates by providing that such disclosures shall be understandable and readable, as well as, "clear and conspicuous," as required under existing law

•E-mail subscription lists to receive product recall and safety news S7441

Requires hospitals to prepare and distribute a leaflet on how parents can subscribe to the US consumer product safety commission's e-mail subscription lists Bill would require hospital and birth centers to distribute an informational leaflet to each new maternity patient at the time of pre- booking or admission. The leaflet would contain information on how parents or guardians can subscribe to the CPSC's e-mail subscription lists to receive product recall and safety news.

Peralta ended the evening by thanking the 50 plus residents for participating in the meeting and committed to holding more town halls throughout the district in the coming months.