Peralta Renews Call for Bipartisan Action on Guns‏

Jose Peralta

August 01, 2012

State Senator Peralta Renews Call for Bipartisan Action to End Gun Violence      

State Senator Jose Peralta today renewed his call for bipartisan action to combat gun violence, proposing as a first step three "commonsense" measures that he believes Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature should be able to agree on.

"Now is the time and gun violence is the issue for Republicans and Democrats to do everything possible to find common ground," Senator Peralta said.  The three bills that he has introduced and is recommending be considered immediately are:

S.670:  Requires a court to strip people of their guns and permits to possess them if they are involuntarily committed to an institution, forced into outpatient treatment or acquitted of a crime or deemed incompetent to stand trial by reason of mental disease or defect.

S.725: Extends statewide, with the exception of the city of New York, the requirement that a firearms license be renewed every five years.

Bill # pending: Requires a background check of anyone wishing to purchase any quantity of ammunition.

Bill S.670 has passed the Assembly each of the last four years with overwhelming bipartisan support.

"I propose these bills as a first step toward bipartisan action on this matter of life and death," Senator Peralta said.  "I urge that we take this up in the Senate as soon as possible and debate and consider other ways to end the gun violence and bloodshed on our streets."