Sen. Peralta Sponsors 9/11 Victim Benefits Forum; Registration Help Available In English and Spanish

Jose Peralta

September 23, 2013

With the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund approaching an important deadline, State Senator Jose Peralta is sponsoring a forum to help responders, survivors and the dependents of deceased responders and survivors to fill out the required registration.  Anyone who knew, or had reason to know, of physical harm or illness resulting from the 9/11 attacks before October 3, 2011, is required to register by October 3, 2013.

The forum will be held Saturday in the Elmhurst Hospital auditorium from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. 

“Registration preserves your right to file a claim before the Victim Compensation Fund ends on October 3, 2016,” Sen. Peralta explained.  “Registering is not the same as filing a claim and does not commit you to filing a claim.  If you are uncertain about when your illness began, register by the October 3, 2013, deadline to preserve your right to file a claim in the future.  English- and Spanish-speaking staff at the forum will help with filling out the registration form.”

Joining Sen. Peralta as a co-sponsor of the forum is Single Stop USA, a non-profit organization that provides benefits screening and application assistance services to low-income families.  Single Stop USA is a grantee of the World Trade Center Health Program and the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.  Also co-sponsoring the forum are Hispanic Federation, United We Stand and Ecuadorian International Center.