Senator Peralta Protects Consumers From Fees

Jose Peralta

December 09, 2010

Consumers will no longer be charged fees for paying bills by mail, or for receiving paper billing statements, thanks to legislation introduced in the State Senate by Senator Jose Peralta. The law will take effect in April 2011.

“Paper billing and payment fees unfairly impact consumers who do not have Internet access at home or are uncomfortable using the Internet, including many seniors and those concerned about personal privacy,” said Senator Peralta, chair of the Senate’s Consumer Protection Committee. “Paper billing and payment fees disproportionately affect low-income consumers, who are less likely to have Internet access.

“Clearly, there are environmental benefits to electronic billing and payment,” added Senator Peralta, “but companies wanting to go paperless need to consider a fair way to get customers to switch over.”

The legislation introduced by Senator Peralta, which was signed into law last week, was the product of concern about an increasing number of companies charging an additional fee to the accounts of customers electing to receive a paper bill or pay by United States mail.