NYS Department of Labor Launches New Website for Job Seekers

Joseph E. Robach

August 16, 2010

To make it easier for job seekers to search for careers, the New York State Department of Labor has launched the New York State Job Bank web site: http://www.laborny.jobs/. There are 84,217 jobs posted on the new site and it continues to grow.

The site offers free services for both job seekers and businesses to speed hiring. Job seekers can post resumes and scan job openings, while businesses can post job openings and view resumes to find qualified candidates.

The new site offers these benefits for the job seeker:

* Helps them to search job listings by key word or location

* Alerts them to the latest job postings as often as they choose

* Allows them to post resumes

* Gives them the option to let employers view their resume

The Department urges New Yorkers to register with the site, post their resumes, and let the Labor Department become their personal job search agent.

"In this tough job market we need to find every way possible to improve the tools we already have," said Commissioner Gardner. "We will continue to expand and improve this site because the unemployed deserve nothing less. This site adds more jobs, makes it easier for job seekers to find those jobs, and helps businesses to post jobs and find talent."

Businesses that register with the new site get these benefits:

* Enables them to search thousands of resumes from a highly qualified talent pool

* Automatically adds jobs listed on their web sites to the job bank

* Expands company exposure by posting their job across the country via Labor Department partnerships

Job seekers already give the new site high praise. DOL Facebook fan, Karen E., of Rego Park, says, "I found the new site very easy to navigate. It was easy to set up my account and post my resume."Another fan says, "Thanks, just applied for a new posting I hadn't seen on other boards."

You can also search for jobs directly on the Labor Department's homepage: www.labor.ny.gov.