Senate Passes Legislation to Go Green

Joseph E. Robach

June 17, 2011

New York State Senate Passes Legislation, Sponsored by Senator Robach,

To Reduce Amount of Paper Used in the Legislature

                - S.357 Passes Overwhemingly in Senate, Sent to New York State Assembly –


Today, the Senate passed S.357, sponsored by Senator Robach, which would reduce the amount of paper wasted in the New York State Legislature. Specifically, this bill would provide members of the Legislature with electronic versions of bills, instead of paper. The benefits would be especially pronounced when voting on budget bills since they are voluminous by nature.


In addition to a profound cost savings, if enacted, this bill would save ample time for legislators and their staff. Currently, all legislators must wait for each piece of legislation to be reprinted as last minute changes are incorporated which can lengthen each legislative session by hours. Inputting bills into a software program on a computer, transmitting them through electronic means to individual computers located on each member’s desk will make a more efficient, cost effective process.


Senator Robach said, “This legislation just makes sense. It helps the environment, it is cost effective and it will save time for staff members to concentrate on more items. If enacted, this bill would bring the New York State Legislature into the technological age and will also save a countless amount of paper.”


Members who prefer to receive and review a paper version of any bill will have access to one. The measure passed in the Senate 58-2.


It has been sent to the Assembly.