Senate Passes Legislation to Improve Workplace Training for Women

The New York State Senate today announced legislative passage to a bill, sponsored by Senator Joe Robach (R-C-I, Rochester), that would expand workforce assistance and training programs for women so they qualify for higher paying careers. Senator Robach was joined by Jean Carroll, CEO of YWCA of Greater Rochester and Monroe County.


“Women are increasingly responsible for the economic security of their families, yet working women earn 80 percent of what men earn and jobs traditionally held by women pay significantly less than jobs that predominantly employ men,” Senator Robach said. “Expanding the state’s workforce training, counseling and referral efforts to help women get higher paying jobs will help women and their families.”


The legislation (S6429A) would add a workforce training program within the state Department of Labor that is specifically intended to help women seek higher paying jobs. The program would include: current information about careers that offer higher salary and compensation; counseling, skills development and training that encourage women to seek jobs with higher earning potential; and referrals to employers offering such jobs.


"The YWCA would like to thank Senator Robach for his leadership on this critical piece of legislation. It marks the recognition by New York State’s policy makers that we must take intentional steps as a society to combat the gender wage gap and poverty among New York’s women,” said Kelli Owens, Director of Government Relations and Public Policy of the YWCAs of New York “By passing the Women’s Workforce Bill, the New York State Department of Labor and local Workforce Investment Boards will be giving women the information they need to make better career decisions. In turn, they will seek training and jobs that lead to higher wages and self-sufficiency.”


“With the leadership of Senator Robach, the Women's Workforce Development bill will become the first piece of NYS legislation that acknowledges and starts to address the gender wage gap. This is a welcome accomplishment for Equal Pay advocates and women across New York,” said Beverly Neufeld, President New York Women’s Agenda and Director, Equal Pay Coalition. “Much needs to be done to create economic equity, but passing this bill signals a willingness of our Legislature to work toward needed change. The successful passage also highlights the possibilities and benefits of bi-partisan collaboration. This is truly a "win" for New York State.”


“This legislation would provide greater assistance for women to seek jobs in areas that are dominated by men but could provide opportunities for women,” Senator Robach said. “By doing so, these training programs would help narrow the gender wage gap.”


The bill has been sent to the Governor for his consideration.