Senator Joe Robach Calls On International Joint Commission to Lower Water Level of Lake Ontario and Immediately Reexamine Plan 2014

New York State Senator Joseph E. Robach is calling on the International Joint Commission to immediately take all steps needed to authorize the release of water from Lake Ontario into the St. Lawrence River. Contrary to what the International Joint Commission believes, the high waters of Lake Ontario are not acceptable. With increased wind and rain an imminent threat, and water levels expected to continue to rise, any delay by the IJC will have disastrous results on lives, property and infrastructure for communities along the south shore of Lake Ontario.

“I stand with those in our community who live along the lake and will continue to work with state and local officials as we look at any and all ways to deal with this ongoing high water and flooding situation. I am calling on all officials who represent this community, from the federal to local level, to stand with their constituents and say that enough is enough, that this high water of Lake Ontario is not acceptable and is putting people’s lives and property at risk. I have, and will continue to raise awareness of this situation to the highest levels of state government,” said Senator Robach.

Plan 2014, which was ratified by outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry, has already been shown to be a disastrous plan for the people and communities along the shoreline in our region. With the water level expected to continue to rise over the next two months, the IJC’s goal to raise water levels in Lake Ontario and limit the ability to react to extraordinary circumstances exacerbates situations like the one currently being faced. The International Joint Commission must immediately reexamine Plan 2014 and make the protection of the south shore of the Lake Ontario its number one priority.

Furthermore, Senator Robach is calling on the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York State Department of State to ensure that the review and approval of all applications for shoreline protection measures are expedited so that residents may be able to immediately begin taking steps to protect their homes and property once these high water conditions abate.