Senator Robach Announces Effort to Reinstate Star Rebate Check Program

Joseph E. Robach

April 28, 2009

Creates Online Petition For Citizens To Voice Support

State Senator Joe Robach announced today that he has created an online petition on his State Senate website for citizens to register their support for reinstating the STAR Rebate Check Program.

While many Upstate New Yorkers are searching for relief during these tough economic times, the recently enacted State Budget proposed by the three downstate leaders, Governor Paterson, Assembly Speaker Silver and Senate Majority Leader Smith eliminated STAR rebate checks.  This has placed an additional burden on homeowners struggling with rising property taxes across the state.

Senator Robach said, “In 2006, I was happy to initiate the STAR rebate check program, which provides a yearly check mailed directly to homeowners to help ease the burden of skyrocketing property taxes.  As I continue to work to convince my downstate colleagues that tax relief is an important issue for the people of Upstate New York, I am encouraging the people in my community to join me in sending this message.”

Prior to the passing of one of the most devastating and irrational budgets in state history, Senator Robach proposed an amendment to the budget that would have restored $1.45 billion in property tax relief for New York’s middle class homeowners. The Senate’s downstate based majority voted to defeat this amendment.

Last year, a homeowner in Rochester received an average of $386 through the Rebate program.  Senator Robach’s amendment would have provided an additional $130.84 million in tax relief for Rochester’s hardworking men and women this year.

Robach added, “At a time when families and seniors are making sacrifices to make ends meet, the last thing we should be doing is cutting a source of relief for these citizens.  Taking these checks away is yet another example of how the issues pertinent to Upstate New York are being ignored by the state’s downstate leadership.”

People interested in signing Senator Robach’s online petition to reinstate the STAR Rebate Check Program can do so by visiting his website at and clicking on the “Join The Fight” link.