Senator Robach to Force Vote on Domestic Violence Bill Senate Democrats Don’t Want to Talk About

Joseph E. Robach

April 28, 2009

Despite strict GOP adherence to Senate rules, Democrats cut off yesterday’s debate

    New York State Senator Joseph Robach today announced he will again attempt to force a vote on important domestic violence legislation that Democrats don’t want to talk about - - even resorting to sending the chamber’s Majority Leader to the floor to shut down yesterday’s debate.
    Despite the Republicans’ strict adherence to the Senate’s rules governing motions-to-discharge, discussions about Senator Robach’s motion (S936) were abruptly cut off during floor deliberations yesterday.  The Senate adjourned without completing its business for the day, Robach noted.

    The Robach bill would protect domestic violence victims from housing-related discrimination when it comes to the purchase, rent or lease of a housing unit.
    “Domestic violence is an issue that affects thousands of women across this State, and the State Legislature should be doing everything in its power to combat discrimination against victims of domestic violence.  The Democrats’ refusal to take up this bill shows an arrogance to victims of domestic violence and to all New Yorkers,” Senator Robach said. 

    Despite the actions of Democrats, who refused to take up a motion to discharge the bill from the Investigations committee, Robach vowed to press for a vote today by amending a similar bill (S3580-A). 

    “Democrats cannot bury their heads in the sand and hope this issue goes away.  Why do they refuse to have an honest discussion about the merits of a bill that protects victims of domestic violence from discrimination in the workplace?  Despite their refusal to abide by the Senate rules and allow a vote, this is not going to go away. I won’t allow that to happen,” Robach concluded.