9/11 Museum Should Be Free

Joseph A. Griffo

January 24, 2014

UTICA – Sen. Joseph A. Griffo today criticized the Sept. 11 Memorial’s board of trustees for charging $24 to visit their newly erected museum.

“The Sept. 11 memorial and museum will be a place to honor the nearly 3,000 victims who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attacks and educate visitors on the impact this tragic event had on our city, our country and the world,” said Griffo. “I believe it’s important that everyone who wants to see the museum have an opportunity to do so.”

The senator continued: “Instead of the trustees examining ways to cut costs within their $63 million annual budget, they decided to make admission to the museum one of the priciest in town. This will undoubtedly turn away many interested people who cannot justify such an exorbitant price.”

Senator Griffo noted that many national monuments and museums charge patrons either a small fee or nothing, and said admission to the 9/11 Museum should be free – with a suggested donation.

“I’d like to see the federal government step up, do what’s right and help defray the cost of making admission free,” said Griffo. “It’s the least they can do to preserve such an important part of our history.”



  • Lincoln  Memorial: Free
  • Washington Monument: Free
  • WWII Valor in the Pacific and the USS Arizona Memorial: Free*



  • Fort Stanwix: Free
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt home: $18 joint admission, valid for two days. Burial plot visits are free.
  • General Grant’s tomb: Free
  • Martin Van Buren’s house: $5 individual, $12 family. Good for 7 days.
  • National Parks of New York Harbor (African Burial Ground, Castle Clinton National Monument, Theodore Roosevelt birthplace, General Grant memorial, Hamilton George memorial, St. Paul’s Church historic site): Free
  • Niagara Falls: Free, though fees may apply for attractions within the park
  • Saratoga National Historic Site: $3 hikers and bikers, $5 motorists, $10 annual pass

* Non-profit entities operating the Pacific Aviation Museum, Bowfin Submarine and USS Missouri do charge a fee.