Griffo Announces $418,980 in Construction Grants For Libraries

ALBANY – Sen. Joseph A. Griffo today announced that public libraries in his district have been awarded a combined $418,980 for construction funds.

“Many of our public libraries are in desperate need of renovations and upgrades,” said Griffo, R-Rome. “We need to make libraries accessible and enjoyable for all, which means building better access for those who are disabled, installing heating and air conditioning for comfort and providing Internet and other electronic technology to aid in learning. I thank the New York State Library for granting these needed funds so that we can preserve our local libraries for decades to come.”

The grant funds are from a $14 million allocation provided for in the 2013-14 state budget.


  • Harrisville Free Library: $27,374. The Harrisville Free Library is proposing to finish the total restructure of the library by adding an elevator for handicap access to the upstairs.
  • Lyons Falls Library: $10,758. The Lyons Falls Library will be upgrading the heating system to address energy efficiency concerns.
  • William H. Bush Memorial Library, Martinsburg: $98,778. Plans include the new addition interior completion, accessible bathroom, computer area, a public meeting room and renovations to existing space.


  • Didymus Thomas Memorial Library, Remsen: $7,313. Rehabilitate and insulate attic and top four feet of building with cedar to replace vinyl siding.
  • Dunham Public Library, Whitesboro: $9,247. The project includes the replacement of the roof over the library addition.
  • Erwin Library and Institute, Boonville: $23,870. To replace and renovate the roof and any structural deficiencies to prevent further water intrusion.
  • Mid-York Library System, Utica: $52,509. Phase II off-street parking, interior renovations due to damage during recent repeated flooding; upgrade exterior lighting and re-direct roof drains.
  • Sherrill-Kenwood Free Library: $3,885. The goal is to increase patron and staff safety and security through the replacement of unsafe flooring and the installation of a security system.
  • Utica Public Library: $86,839. The project will replace the deteriorated, flat portion of the roof and install snow guards to protect the gutters that were installed in 2013.
  • Waterville Public Library: $10,853. The project involves: HVAC controls upgrade, a new sign at the library’s entrance and construction of a storage shed.


  • Hepburn Library of Norfolk: $70,527. The construction project will be addressing the restoration of the library roof and chimneys.
  • Norwood Public Library: $13,424. The construction project will replace a roof and replace an inefficient furnaces to address energy efficiency issues.
  • Russell Public Library: $3,603. The construction project will address plumbing inefficiencies by drilling a well and connecting the plumbing to the library.