Griffo, Brindisi, Lentol Team To Keep Small Business Jobs In New York

Joseph A. Griffo

June 20, 2014

Legislature approves measure, now sent to the governor

ALBANY –  When small businesses in metro New York look to expand, legislators want them looking upstate – not out of state – for help.

Sen. Joseph A. Griffo and Assemblymen Anthony Brindisi and Joseph R. Lentol have sponsored a bill (S.7564/A.8308B) which would establish a cross-regional small business partnership program. This program would encourage natural relationships between urban and upstate business.

Brindisi said he began working on plans to connect co-packaging plants in the Mohawk Valley with artisanal food and beverage makers downstate, who need more room to package their products due to increasing demand for their specialty products.

“I have traveled to Brooklyn, where Assemblyman Lentol and I met with companies interested in a co-packaging agreement with upstate companies,” said Brindsi, D-Utica. “There are fewer and fewer sites downstate that can co-package food and beverage products.  Instead of having these producers look out of state for a co-packaging agreement, we need to direct them upstate, where there are many more facilities for packaging food products.  This legislation will help encourage more of these partnerships to flourish—which will benefit the economies of downstate and upstate New York alike.”

“If, say, a food business is growing downstate, that’s great,” said Griffo, R-Rome. “We want that business to know there are several large, fully functioning food processing plants upstate that are ready to meet their needs. This program will foster new relationships among businesses from different regions and, in turn, promote all of the wonderful foods that are grown, made or processed here in the Empire State.”

“NYC, especially Brooklyn, is undergoing a food revolution. We are creating foods that are tastier, healthier and more inventive than ever. Unfortunately, manufacturing space is also more expensive than ever. With the passage of this bill, NYS is taking a bold step towards the kind of cross-regional partnerships which will allow NYC businesses to expand while benefiting the entire New York State economy. I look forward to continuing working with Sentor Griffo and Assembly Member Brindisi to make sure that this bill is signed into law and implemented.”  said Assemblyman Lentol, D-North Brooklyn.

The bill passed the Senate on Wednesday and the Assembly on June 2. It now heads to Governor Cuomo for his approval.