Griffo Calls North Country Economic Development Efforts Outstanding

Joseph A. Griffo

December 08, 2011

Griffo Statement on Award Winning Recognition for North Country Economic Development Council

Senator Joseph A. Griffo said that the state funding award for the North Country Regional Economic Development Council represents an important step forward in the region’s efforts to revive its economy and its communities.

Griffo commended the Council’s co-chairs, Clarkson University President Tony Collins and North Country Chamber of Commerce President Garry Douglas, for leading the efforts that secured one of the four “Best Plan” awards statewide.

“The development of this plan represented some outstanding efforts from the private and public sector members of the regional team, and I think it is important to recognize their hard work to start from scratch and develop an outstanding regional blueprint that includes all parts of the region and also set regional priorities,” Griffo said. “In addition to its focus on targeted economic development assistance for key job-creating projects, the plan made a very clear case that the region’s communities are in dire need of infrastructure investments to address brownfields, highway and sewer system issues that must be addressed in order to assure the long-term viability of the region.”

Griffo said the funding the region was awarded will be the beginning of efforts to revive the economy. “The priority projects are designed to be ones where state investment will spur new public and private investment within the region, increasing economic activity and leading to job creation across the region. Today represents a great first step, and I will continue to work to support our region to address the critical needs we face in rebuilding our economy and communities.”