Griffo Calls for Upstate Hearing on NY's New Voting System

Griffo Calls for Upstate Hearing on NY’s New Voting System

State Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-IP-C, Rome), a member of the senate Elections Committee, today called upon the committee to conduct hearings about the state’s new voting system across Upstate New York, and not just in Downstate areas.

The Elections Committee convened a public hearing in Manhattan yesterday, to hear testimony of reported of problems which arose in New York City during Primary Vote day.

“Nothing is more fundamental to the functioning of our democracy than our elections,” Griffo said. “I am pleased that this year’s Primary Day voting went as well as it appears to have gone, but I also know that there are concerns and questions that need to be heard by the state as we prepare for the general election in November and future elections in the coming years.”

Griffo said that all areas of the state should be heard in shaping any changes to the voting system. “If there are concerns that requires changes in how the state conducts voting, those changes need to be implemented with county Boards of Election. That means our communities and people all across the state need to have a voice in helping learn lessons from the initial rollout of the new system so that we can ensure that the voting process is one in which all people in all parts of the state feel confident about.”

Senator Griffo also indicated that should the Senate Elections Chair decline to hold timely hearings upstate, then he would consider hosting a local forum in the region.