Griffo criticizes recent inconsistent mandate on schools

New York State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-I-C-Rome, released the following statement today regarding conflicting and confusing decisions and guidance on masks in schools:

“Later today, I will be joining my Senate and Assembly colleagues to put forth a concurrent resolution to terminate the state’s disaster emergency to finally revoke Gov. Cuomo’s unilateral decision-making authority. We have repeatedly seen inconsistent mandates, directives and orders from this administration during the coronavirus pandemic.

The most recent episode involving masks in schools is the latest example of the erratic nature in which the Governor and his administration have continued to operate as this public health crisis has progressed. With the end of the school year near, making changes without consistency and input from stakeholders in education is unacceptable. It is another poor reflection on the administration and the Department of Health, led by a discombobulated Dr. Zucker, who have made last minute modifications that have only caused confusion, contributed to anxiety and created additional stress and hardships for New Yorkers.

How can anyone have confidence in the competency of the Governor, his administration and the Department of Health when we have seen so many inconsistent, contradictory and confusing directives such as this? It is clear that the Governor's credibility and effectiveness is in question. Likewise, I question if the public has any confidence in Dr. Zucker’s ability to run his department and/or faith in his decisions given his past and recent pronouncements. It is time to end the insanity. It is time to fully and completely revoke the Governor’s extraordinary powers and bring responsible and consistent leadership to New York.”